US 89

Vehicle navigates the new roundabout in Cameron
We’ve got an update for you today on a project we first told you about last summer.
US 89 landslide construction
Yesterday, we took a look at the US 89 landslide repair project from above. Today, we have another angle to show you.
US 89 landslide construction
Our new time-lapse video shows the progress crews are making on the US 89 landslide repair project, about 25 miles south of Page.
Construction Truck
Ever wonder what it takes to move one million cubic yards of rock and dirt?
US 89 bridge work
Progress is being made on the US 89 Cameron roadway improvement project.
Repairing the landslide area on US 89
An update on the work to repair the landslide-damaged portion of US 89 south of Page.
Us 89 landslide blasting
In order to repair the landslide-damaged portion of US 89, crews will need to drill and blast rock above the slide, then truck it below to build a buttress that will stabilize the area. ADOT captured one of the blasts on video.


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