Enforcement Compliance Division

Enforcement Compliance Division


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The Arizona Department of Transportation's Enforcement and Compliance Division is always looking for qualified candidates to fill its ranks. ECD is comprised of the Office of the Inspector General and the Enforcement Services Bureau.

Office of the Inspector General

This program conducts criminal and administrative investigations related to all facets of agency operations, including title, registration, and driver license fraud; titling of stolen vehicles; and licensed and unlicensed car dealer investigations, and provides a multitude of services to the law-enforcement community throughout the nation.

Enforcement Services Bureau

The Enforcement Services Bureau (ESB) utilizes certified peace officers in the enforcement of transportation-related laws and regulations. Through the fixed port of entry system and mobile enforcement, peace officers check commercial vehicles for compliance with size, weight and safety laws, including those related to the transportation of hazardous materials. In addition, ESB inspects vehicles for authorized ownership, monitors and recovers stolen vehicles and vehicle components, and completes administrative and criminal investigations.