ADOT Kids: Engineer Joselyn Valero loves her job

ADOT Kids: Engineer Joselyn Valero loves her job

By Lori Baker and Laurie Merrill / ADOT Communications
February 24, 2021

Hey, kids, do you like math and science, and helping people?

Then it’s not too early to think about becoming an engineer! You might even decide you want to work as an engineer for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

That’s what Joselyn Valero did! Ever since she was a little girl, Joselyn knew she wanted to grow up and become an engineer.

After all, she has always had a knack for numbers and an affinity for science. She also wanted a career that would enable her to help people.

So working as a development engineer for ADOT is a perfect fit.

“I always loved math and I knew I wanted to be something where math was a big part of it. The idea of building a bridge or a skyscraper fascinated me,” said Joselyn.

Not only is Joselyn an engineer, she is also a project supervisor at the Casa Grande Construction Field Office!

One thing she is really excited about is a first-of-its kind dust detection and warning system on a 10-mile stretch of Interstate 10 near Casa Grande. This system warns drivers if they are about to drive into dust storms – and how severe the storms are. The system can even lower speed limits to match the weather!

“It will definitely make driving safer,” Joselyn said.

Joselyn studied hard to meet her goal. She earned high grades, graduated from high school and then attended Arizona State University. She got not just one, but two degrees in engineering; a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

She interned at ADOT in 2013 and two years later, she joined ADOT’s popular, two-year Engineer-in-Training program. She worked for a number of different teams and was able to piece together how each relates and relies on one another.  It gave her a big picture view and diverse experience.

“You get to see what all the different groups in engineering do as opposed to getting a job at a specific group where all you experience is what that one group does,” she said.  “I also really enjoyed going to different parts of the state and meeting so many people!”

Here are some of her training experiences:

  • In the Kingman construction field office, she worked on a mill and fill project for US 93 to Las Vegas. A mill and fill project is when a layer of asphalt pavement is removed and replaced with a new layer.
  • In the Prescott Regional Laboratory, Joselyn tested materials before they were  put into highways.

“I was able to run every test that we do when testing asphalt, soils and concrete,” Joselyn said.

  • In the Contracts and Specifications Group, Joselyn worked on the plans and contract for the Earley Road to Interstate 8 project. This was part of the I-10 widening project between mileposts 196 and 200 near Casa Grande.

For Joselyn, working for ADOT is a career dream come true.

You can make YOUR dream come true, too! Are you interested in being an “engineer-as-a-career?” We hope so! There are many different kinds of engineers at ADOT.

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