ADOT MVD offers two new services for military veterans

An example of the new "Veteran" designation.

An example of the new "Veteran" designation.

Starting on Monday (Sept. 16), two new services will be offered to military veterans by ADOT…

Veterans will have the option to have a designation on their Arizona-issued driver license, commercial driver license, identification card or instruction permit denoting their military service.

In addition, veterans applying for an Arizona commercial driver license will have the option to request a waiver of the skills test if they meet certain requirements.

Veteran designation

Military veterans will be able to request a new credential with the distinguishing mark “VETERAN” added to the front (see example above). A new driver license/identification card application is required for this service along with verification of veteran eligibility.

Veterans can find information explaining the documentation requirements online or by visiting any local ADOT Motor Vehicle Division office or authorized third party office that processes credentials.

All requests for the veteran designation mark to be added to a credential must be accomplished in person at an MVD or authorized third party office; there may be a fee for a duplicate credential.

Even though you’ll need to visit an MVD or third party office in person, you can still start the process to have the veteran designation added at home. Just use the “Be Prepared” online feature at to start the application process.

Commercial driver license

The other new service is for veterans applying for an Arizona-issued commercial driver license. Applicants whose position in the military required the operation of a commercial motor vehicle will have the option during the application process to request a waiver of the commercial driver license skills test.

MVD may waive the commercial driver license skills test for applicants who are on active duty in the military or have separated under honorable conditions in the last 90 days and have driven a commercial motor vehicle for two years prior to their application.

Information explaining the waiver requirements can be obtained online or by visiting any MVD office that handles commercial driver license application processing