Driver License

Suns Gorilla posing for his license 1
In 1995, the Suns Gorilla paid a visit to the MVD and left a licensed driver.
Rocky the Ringtail
It was only seven years ago that the Arizona state mammal, the ringtail, was the subject of a statewide naming contest. It was part of the 2014 redesigned driver licenses.
Parent-teen driving
What can a top single on the Billboard Hot 100 teach us about driving? Well, let us tell you!
MVD driver license renewal
Governor Doug Ducey recently signed an executive order about driver license renewal. Here's how that helps out 75,000 Arizona residents during the current public health situation.
Parent-teen driving challenge
As summer arrives, many teens will be spending more time practicing their driving skills and preparing for the driver license...
Screenshot of ServiceArizona web site
For those who have their driver licenses suspended, we've made ordering a temporary ID card as easy as visiting


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