An ADOT snowblower in action can be a sign of spring

By Steve Elliott / ADOT Communications

The photos above showing a snowblower in action don't exactly scream "spring has sprung," but that's exactly why this work is happening on State Route 67 north of the Grand Canyon.

A Fredonia-based ADOT maintenance crew is clearing snowdrifts – some as deep as 5 feet – from the closed highway a little early this year so it will dry out for crack-sealing before we open SR 67 for the season in mid-May.

When facilities at Grand Canyon National Park's North Rim are closed for the winter, ADOT closes the 40-plus-mile-long SR 67 south from Jacob Lake.

The North Rim averages 9½ feet of snow each winter. The amount of snow that falls in the area is why ADOT stations one of its two snowblowers there. The other is in the White Mountains near Sunrise Ski Park and Resort.