Heavy duty snow removal
Winter is ready to pounce, which means ADOT is getting ready to close the first of five highways for the season.
SR 273 open outdoor recreation snow snowplow snowblower clearing snow state highway Arizona White Mountains
Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, the reopening of state highways in the high country is a sure sign of spring. Just remember to be safe if you are planning to drive these scenic roads.
White lines on road
We often receive questions when it comes to winter weather and today's question is fairly common.
Snow on Milton Avenue in Flagstaff
If you are heading north to play in the snow, remember to take along warm clothes, emergency gear, a travel plan and some patience.
Snowplow 5
Getting ready for a snow storm is like getting ready for the big game. Have your defense ready and a plan in place. That's how ADOT plans to wins this season!
Snowplow training
It may still be a little warm outside, but it's never too early to start preparing for winter storms.
Snowy Roads
If you were born and raised south of Cordes Junction, let’s face it: You’re probably not an expert when it comes to driving in snow. We're here to help.


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