'C' is for new cameras along Loop 303

'C' is for new cameras along Loop 303

By David Rookhuyzen / ADOT Communications
February 10, 2021

Being the transportation geeks that we are, we get excited about a lot of things: Box culverts, Bid-Wells, bridge girders, etc. And that's just the Bs!

But if we moved down into the Cs, we find something else that makes us excited that we think you will like too: cameras.

As you are probably aware, ADOT has a network of more than 400 cameras statewide, with the majority being along the major freeways in Phoenix and Tucson. We use these traffic cameras to help manage traffic. When the ADOT Traffic Operations Center is notified of a freeway incident, dispatchers use our camera system to search for the incident. Once it's spotted, appropriate personnel are dispatched. Often Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers will be dispatched for a crash, but you may see a sweeper sent out to clean debris from the freeway or an ADOT Incident Response Unit helping set up traffic control. 

Additionally, those feeds are provided to the public through, so you can check traffic and/or weather conditons along your chosen route before you go. You can even set up personalized routes with just the cameras that matter to your daily commute.

So being able to see as much as possible along a freeway is a win-win for everyone.

That's why we are excited that az511 is now displaying nearly 20 new cameras along the Loop 303 between Northern and the I-17 junction. Folks wanting to get the skinny on what's happening near Grand Avenue, Happy Valley Road or Lake Pleasant Parkway can now pull up a camera and take a look. 

Even if you don't live in the northwest Valley, go ahead and check out the new cameras. And, if you are so inclined, let us know how you like them on Twitter at If you mostly access information using your mobile device, you can also see our cameras by downloading the AZ 511 app. 

Alright, now that we covered cameras, we can move into other "C" things we get excited about, such as curing compounds, climbing lanes, chip seals...

Oh, no longer interested? That's okay; go ahead and enjoy the new cameras!

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