See the US 89 landslide repair project from a different angle

Yesterday, we took a look at the US 89 landslide repair project from above. Today, we have another angle to show you…

To really get an idea of the progress being made, you’ll want to pay close attention to a couple of areas on the screen.

US 89 landslide before and after photos

Before and after images of US 89 landslide repair.

First, take a look at the cliffs above the damaged roadway. Notice how the much the formation has changed by the end of the video? That’s because crews are removing material from that area above the slide and trucking it below to build a stabilizing buttress. As we explained in this previous post, crews are utilizing heavy-duty equipment, a fleet of enormous trucks and explosives to get the job done.

US 89 repair diagram

A rendering of the repair plan.

You’ll also want to take note of the buttress itself at the base of the slope. Once complete, the buttress will act as a wall-like support structure composed of rock material. In the video above, you can see how it’s coming along. See the graphic at left for good rendering of the overall repair plan.