US 89

TBT Glen Canyon Dam bridge
This photo looks pretty ordinary, but this scene actually holds a lot of state transportation history.
Cameron is a tale of four bridges
What does it take to cross the Little Colorado River? The answer is more than a century and three different bridges.
1914 map of AZ proposed highways
In 1909 the Territory of Arizona proposed building a north-south highway between Prescott and Phoenix. A year later, construction started in earnest. We look back at this territorial road 110 years later.
US 89 roadwork
The recent emergency repairs to US 89 in northern Arizona illustrate the importance of partnerships.
Crews repair washed out a section of US 89 between Flagstaff and Page.
Photos and videos shared through our social media accounts helped tell the story of our nonstop efforts that reopened US 89 in less than 48 hours.
US 89A in Oak Creek | Photo courtesy of James Cowlin Photographs
An Arizona photographer has traveled tens of thousands of miles to document US 89.
We’ve said it all along: Working for ADOT can be a real blast. Check out videos illustrating this point.
US 89 and Cameron
Major upgrades have just been completed on a four-mile, four-lane stretch of US 89 in Cameron.


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