Adopt a Highway: A littered life

Adopt a Highway: A littered life

By Mary Currie / ADOT Communications
August 16, 2021

I wasn’t born on this highway but I have lived here a long time. There are many others like me—some in worse shape.

A raging fire went through recently. That was tough on everyone. Some like me but not as resilient, did not survive. Those of us remaining said that was for the best. It seems that no one pays attention these days or takes a second look anyway.

The winds of change may take me down the road to my next home or near a river. I’ve moved along the highway and lived near streams and puddles for many years. I wouldn’t say thriving— simply living forever.

Why wouldn’t anyone give me a second chance or lift me up? I want to be where I belong. Where I can end my mission and possibly start over, ending a 200 year or more lifespan as an unwanted piece of trash.

At least compared to our lifetime, plastic bottles live forever. Paper products may burn away during unfortunate events caused by humans and mother nature. Plastics, metal cans and other tossed items just don’t go away. They live along highways and streams to clog waterways and storm drains as described in the short story.

If you want to help prevent another littered life check out the Adopt a Highway Volunteer program and the Adopt a Highway News.

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