Adopt a Highway: Trash talk name decoder game

Adopt a Highway: Trash talk name decoder game

By Mary Currie / ADOT Communications
August 27, 2021

Hey, kids of all ages. ADOT is taking trash talk to a whole new level. If you are up for some summer fun, check out our litterbug decoder name in this new summer game. A printable version of the game is attached at the bottom of the blog. 

This is only for fun because we know littering is serious business. Adopt a Highway volunteers collect tons of litter each year along  Arizona’s beautiful highways. No one wants to see litter tossed from vehicles or escaping a truck bed. 

We know that littering is rude and bad for the environment. “Litterbug” is the nickname frequently earned by those seen tossing, dropping and stuffing cigarette butts and fast food wrappers anywhere but where they belong—in a proper trash receptacle. 

The trash talk name decoder game is made up of trash-related words paired with some new and creative fun ones. Try it with family and friends who won’t mind a little trash talk. 

If you spot a litterbug, report them. ADOT educates the public through about laws and harmful effects of littering. When you report someone, we send a letter to the car’s owner letting them know that litter may have been seen thrown from their vehicle. 

We remind them of the negative impact of the litter, and the cost to taxpayers of cleaning litter and unsecured load debris from highways. Additionally, we reinforce the financial penalties for littering, and the fact that littering can result in a $500 fine if the litterbugs are spotted by law enforcement. 

If you live in Phoenix and would like to help reduce litter in your neighborhood, visit My Beautiful Phoenix. Tucson area residents can check out Tucson Clean and Beautiful. The Maricopa Association of Governments also focuses on keeping roadways clean through its Don't Trash Arizona campaign.

Arizona, Keep It Grand!