Adopt a Highway: Volunteers collect 2.3 tons of litter in second largest statewide event

Adopt a Highway: Volunteers collect 2.3 tons of litter in second largest statewide event

By Mary Currie / ADOT Communications
October 3, 2022

This year's statewide litter cleanup event marks five years that Adopt a Highway volunteers have dedicated the third Saturday in September, aka National CleanUp Day, to reduce litter along state highways.

Total pounds collected were estimated at 4,586 pounds, the second largest haul of litter collected since 8,693 pounds was reported after the event in 2020.  

On Sept. 17, 39 volunteer groups and 215 individual volunteers in 11 counties filled 335 litter bags and gathered larger debris into piles for disposal totalling 2.3 tons. 

National Clean up Day_2022

ADOT Digital Communication Supervisor, John LaBarbera caught up with Stephanie Humble and her crew of seven early Saturday morning on US 60 near Apache Junction. The group's volunteer sign reads "Nicholas Wayne Humble," in memory of Humble's son who passed away Oct. 7, 2017. Humble said, "We're cleaning up our portion of the highway to honor his name and make a difference in the community." 

Further east along US 60, LaBarbera met ADOT Water Resources Stormwater Program Coordinator Laura Nordan near the town of Miami. Nordan adopted a segment to show support as she has done for the past several years. Part of Nordan's role is to help educate the public about the impact of stormwater runoff through community outreach. Nordan said, "Trash is one of  the leading causes of water pollution and why it is so important to prevent litter from entering storm drains where it is directly linked to washes, ponds and lakes."

Thanks to this year's volunteers, many of whom are shown in the photo slideshow embedded in this post, and those who participate year 'round at adopted segments in their communities. 

During the last fiscal year, litter collection and disposal cost $7.4m statewide. If you would like to help us keep Arizona grand by volunteering, visit

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