For ADOT freeway aesthetics are no afterthought

For ADOT freeway aesthetics are no afterthought

By David Woodfill / ADOT Communications
February 3, 2020

Designing a freeway includes quite a bit of thought about how it will look beyond the travel lanes. That's why we make sure Valley freeways have designs that reflect the history and natural beauty of the areas they pass through. 

The Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway is the latest reflection of that commitment. When designing the 22-mile freeway, ADOT took care in picking how sound walls, bridges and more would look, down to the lines, paint colors, landscaping and ground cover, including land-form graphics. 

As we shared last week, ADOT's designers drew inspiration from the work of modern architect Frank Lloyd Wright, architect, urban designer and artist Paolo Soleri, cholla cactuses, agriculture, the Salt River, South Mountain and more. You'll also see similar themes reflected in the choice of vegetation using, in some cases, native plants that were removed from the freeway's path, kept in temporary nurseries and replanted. 

ADOT developed these concepts, which were presented for public input, in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Cosanti Foundation.

“Design choices are an important part of providing quality freeways for today and for future generations,” said LeRoy Brady, ADOT’s chief landscape architect. “They enhance the experience of those who use the South Mountain Freeway.”

Next time you're heading down the South Mountain Freeway, we hope you'll take the time to appreciate how its design incorporates flavors from different areas along its path.