Landform Graphics

Aesthetic decoration L-202 SMF
Designing a freeway includes quite a bit of thought about how it will look beyond the travel lanes. That's why we make sure...
Joe Salazar recognition for land form work
ADOT’s Joseph Salazar was honored recently with a lifetime achievement award from the American Society of Landscape Architects...
From the Rearview Mirror
There’s a lot of interesting content in our early blog posts, which is why we’re looking back and highlighting some of our favorites in a new series called, “From the Rearview Mirror.”
The new ramp is designed with Hohokam pottery colors and motifs
The SR 143 has undergone some reconstruction and work still continues, but that doesn’t mean the indigenous images and symbols that have long been a part of its landscape will go away.
Crews work on the large landform graphics along I-17
As ADOT employees, we naturally get a lot of transportation-related questions thrown our way by friends and family... it’s just something that comes with the job! But, another question we regularly get focuses on the rock landscaping surrounding our Valley freeways. People want to know why we don’t just use trees and shrubs instead of rock. Others wonder why we landscape the area at all.
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