ADOT Kids: Let's play license plate bingo!

ADOT Kids: Let's play license plate bingo!

By Mary Currie / ADOT Communications
August 25, 2020

Wondering how to keep your kids entertained on car rides or road trips? ADOT has something fun to bring along.

We've created bingo cards filled with highway signs, traffic signs, specialty license plates and other things that you may spot on an Arizona road trip. Pack these cards on your next car trip for some family fun and we hope it can help keep the kids occupied for a bit!

The cards can be downloaded and printed for up to four players each game. Pennies make good card markers, or print enough for each trip and check off items with a pencil, pen, marker or crayon. If you’re super-crafty, print them on cardstock paper, then laminate and use over and over with a dry-erase marker. 

(Sidenote: If your kiddo is really into roadways, they might be interested in poring through the Arizona Manual of Approved Signs. For those curious about specialty plate offerings, you can view all available plates here.)

Wherever your destination, remember to drive safely, buckle up and download the free ADOT Alerts and AZ511 apps before you head out the door. 

Remember, depending on the season, road trips across Arizona can be extremely hot or bitterly chilly. Always make sure your car has an emergency kit with plenty of extra water, snacks, a fully-charged cell phone, extra clothes for the season, hand sanitizer, wipes and a face covering. You can find information on driving in extreme weather, from snow storms to dust storms, here.

With this much fun and information at your fingertips, you’ll never wonder, “Are we there yet?”