Watch for Animals sign
The new yellow sign design displays a “Watch for Animals” placard underneath the elk symbol to grab motorist's attention about a potential encounter with elk, deer and other wildlife in the roadway.
Hiway Drumbeats article July 1970 lightning road signs
We do a lot to prevent and clean up graffiti and other acts of vandalism, but what do you do when the vandal is a little more extraordinary?
For Tom Erickson, it's all in the signs!
Some people like to knit or sew. Others love car racing, going to the theater or solving crossword puzzles. Tom Erickson's passion is making signs. And, as an ADOT sign shop employee, he gets to do it every day.
Distance sign highway sign technology measurement Arizona state highway
Just how accurate are those signs telling you that your next stop is x miles away? Well, let's find out!
ADOT Kids sign with elephant illus
Signs are everywhere along the road, but did you know that ADOT has its very own shop to make them?
AZ color highway signs
Sixty years ago, Arizona drivers encountered highway signs that were a little more splashy.
ADOT License Plate Bingo
Looking for kid-friendly activities for your next road trip? We are here to help!
ADOT Kids safety DMS message
Have you seen the fun safety messages ADOT puts on its highway boards? Well, here's your chance to tell us what you would put up there if you could! Send us your safety message suggestions and questions in our latest activity.
Welcome to Arizona sign SR 95 Parker 1971
Arizona has brand new welcome signs to greet travelers at the state line, so we decided to look back at how the state used to greet travelers.
Adam Wilt (left) of ADOT's Sign Factory makes a sign for Hunter Vincente
Seven-year-old Hunter Vincente, who got our attention by dressing up for Halloween as a highway sign, got to visit the ADOT sign shop.


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