From the Archives: ADOT goes to the 1968 Arizona State Fair

From the Archives: ADOT goes to the 1968 Arizona State Fair

October 10, 2014

Check out the film projector used in 1968 to show traffic safety movies at the State Fair.

Can you smell the deep-fried, bacon-wrapped peanut butter cups from wherever you’re reading this blog post?

If you can, you probably already know that the Arizona State Fair begins today! Besides the fun food (yes, the deep-fried, bacon-wrapped peanut butter cups really are on the menu), the fair also brings along 130 years of tradition…

You’re likely familiar with many of the fair fundamentals – the rides, competitions, exhibits, music and special events – but you might not know the ADOT connection.

For many years, ADOT has had a presence at the Arizona State Fair. As you can see from the photos, we were there back in 1968.

If you zoom in, you’ll note that we were still called the Arizona Highway Department at that time (we didn’t become ADOT until 1974).

You’ll also notice a film projector that was used by the department’s Traffic Safety Division to show movies every hour (we wonder what they were screening).


ADOT's display at the 1968 Arizona State Fair.

In the photo at left, we see that Roadside Development showcased informational posters and dioramas. It also looks like there was a traffic intersection controller on display.

Just like in 1968, ADOT still goes to the fair. We aren’t bringing a film projector this year, but ADOT will be hosting a booth during the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety “Public Safety Days” on Oct. 25 and Oct. 26.

More than 40 statewide safety organizations, including law enforcement agencies and fire departments, will participate during Public Safety Days. The goal is to share information to help keep you and your family safe. ADOT will be handing out construction helmets for kids, flashing buttons and information.

If you’re at the fair, we hope you’ll stop by and see how much has changed in the past 46 years! If you’d like to see what our displays looked like in 1973, check out this previous post.

It’s safe to say things have changed since 1912 when the Arizona Highway Department was first established. But you don’t just have to take our word … we’ve got plenty of pictures to prove it. We combed through our archives and decided to periodically post these photos from the past in a blog series we’re calling, “From the ADOT Archives.”