From the Archive

We do a lot to prevent and clean up graffiti and other acts of vandalism, but what do you do when the vandal is a little more extraordinary?
We're going back to 1977 and showing you a unique vehicle used to test the wet friction characteristics of a road.
We're taking you back to the beginnings of the Engineer-in-Training program.
We dug up a photo of a road crew at work in the 1930s!
Road construction can be a challenge on a good day, but is especially challenging when building a road through the mountains.
We're taking it back to the mid-60s today and construction of the only highway in the country still using the metric system.
While a lot has changed on I-17 in downtown Phoenix, a few things have endured over the years.
Our blog series "From the ADOT Archives" takes you back to downtown Phoenix in 1960.
Advances in mapping and cartography parallel those in technology.
Many have taken notice of the safety messages on ADOT's overhead message boards, but the agency has been trying to get drivers' attention for many years.