Drivers: Make safe decisions and get on the ‘nice list’

Drivers: Make safe decisions and get on the ‘nice list’

December 20, 2018

Dynamic Message Sign - "Life is a gift / Call for a lift"

By Doug Pacey / ADOT Communications

With one weekend left before Christmas, now is the time for many motorists to make a last-ditch effort to move their name from the “naughty list” to the “nice list.”

Crash reports show that more than 90 percent of vehicle collisions are caused by driver behavior, such as drivers choosing to drive recklessly, impaired or distracted. These bad decisions make the roads less safe for all of us.

In an effort to encourage drivers to make better decisions behind the wheel, motorists will see Christmas-themed safety messages on ADOT’s overhead signs. These quirky messages urge drivers to make safe choices, like choosing not to speed or drive drunk, and to use turn signals.

The rising number of fatal crashes isn’t an uplifting topic of holiday party banter, but our goal in posting these unconventional safety messages is to kick-start conversations about safe driving because real change must begin in the driver’s seat.