Dusty Roads

Dusty Roads

April 18, 2011

Dust storms can leave drivers unable
to see much of the road ahead.

Arizona dust storms sometimes hit suddenly, without much notice at all.

Drivers can be caught very quickly in a blinding wall of dust and debris that leaves almost no visibility. While these storms typically happen between May and September, motorists should be aware year-round of the potential danger these high-wind storms create.

On average, nearly five people lose their lives in Arizona each year because of accidents related to dust storms. Many more are injured.

If you are driving during dust storm season in Arizona be sure to listen to weather reports and check current road conditions before you leave on your trip.

Here are some guidelines for traveling in dust storms:

  • Travel at a speed suitable for limited visibility
  • NEVER stop in the travel lane
  • If you can’t pull off the road, turn your lights on
  • Sound your horn intermittently
  • Use the painted lane striping to guide you
  • If possible, look for a safe place to pull off the road.

If you are able to safely pull off the road, observe the following safety tips:

  • Set your emergency brake
  • Take your foot off the brake pedal
  • Turn off all vehicle lights
  • Wait out the storm

When you return to the road, be aware that it may be slippery and in some cases, pavement markings may be obscured by sand and dust blown on the road. View more on dust storms in Arizona.

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