Dust Storms

Dust detection sign from 1976
Building on efforts across the decades, we’re working on a dust detection and warning system on I-10 near the community of Picacho.
Dust storm moved down the freeway
It's almost monsoon season, which also means dust storms. Our director shares his thoughts about safe driving during this time of year.
Stormy weather
Summer has arrived. From extreme temperatures to extremely strong storms, we all need to know how to handle summer in Arizona.
Dust storm moved down the freeway
In the midst of monsoon season, ADOT Director John Halikowski shares some important reminders for drivers.
Interstate 10 near Eloy
ADOT is widening Interstate 10 near Eloy, but motorists won't see much for delays during construction.
SR 87 Traffic Interchange
Two big projects are ahead, but the impact during construction should be minimal.
Dust Storm
Extreme summer heat has already hit the state, but that's not all the extreme weather Arizonans will face this summer. Be prepared for the weather that will come our way.
dust storm
The idea was hatched in 1973, but the technology to implement a revolutionary dust detection system is just now available.


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