Dust Storms

ADOT urges drivers to be ready for dust storms, rain as monsoon season begins

With mid-June marking the official start of the monsoon season, the Arizona Department of Transportation has simple tips to help drivers stay safe when summer storms pack blinding dust and heavy rain.
Monsoon Awareness Week starts next week and ADOT is ready for when the dust swirls.
The first-of-its-kind dust detection and warning system installed by the Arizona Department of Transportation has been named one of the “Infrastructure Gamechangers” by the American Society of Civil...
Though 2020 had a 'nonsoon,' it did give us a good trial for our innovative new dust detection and warning system on Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson.
http://azdot.gov/adotkidsA few enterprising ADOT employees have found a new way to spread the word about dust-storm safety, but they need your help to finish it!
Dust storm season will soon be upon us. Do you know what you should do if you encounter one while driving?
PHOENIX – The official start of monsoon season is here and Arizonans know what to expect in the coming months: occasional dust storms and torrential rain. As the Arizona Department of Transportation...
Building on efforts across the decades, we’re working on a dust detection and warning system on I-10 near the community of Picacho.
It's almost monsoon season, which also means dust storms. Our director shares his thoughts about safe driving during this time of year.
PHOENIX – Are you ready, Arizona? Monsoon season is back. While the exact moment of when the first massive wall of dust will rise up from the desert floor isn’t known, we do know this: It’s coming...