Loop 303 makes annual "Top 10 Roads" list

Loop 303 makes annual "Top 10 Roads" list

September 15, 2011

On May 7, 2011 community members had an opportunity to ride bikes, walk or jog on the new stretch of Loop 303 before it opened to traffic.

When the editorial team at Roads & Bridges makes choices for the magazine’s annual Top 10 Roads list, many factors are considered.

But, according to Editorial Director Bill Wilson, it’s the challenges faced in building each nominated road and the project’s impact that get the closest looks.

Maybe that’s why the Loop 303 (Happy Valley Road to Lake Pleasant Parkway) made it to this year’s top 10!

There were plenty of challenges … the contractor’s “to do” list was huge and included:

  • The installation of a 5.35-mile section of new freeway
    (including 18 bridges)
  • Moving more than 1 million cubic yards of earth
  • Placing about 40,000 linear feet of underground utilities
  • Pouring roughly 340,000 square yards of concrete pavement.

And, the project certainly had an impact (check out this blog post detailing the how this portion of the Loop 303 has made a difference in the West Valley).

This section of the Loop 303 was also recognized for the significant excavation and blasting that took place during construction, along with ADOT’s commitment to replant the native plants and cacti that were moved during construction.

Wilson says the magazine has been publishing a Top 10 Roads list and a Top 10 Bridges list since 2001. This year’s list will be highlighted in the magazine’s October issue.

“I think it shows our readers what people can really do out there to successfully construct a project. People have different tactics … solutions that are out there allows our readers to learn essentially from the best,” he said.

The team responsible for this project includes contractors Austin Bridge & Road, ADOT and AZTEC Engineering. For a better understanding of what this project entailed, take a look at the blog entries we posted leading up to the May opening of the entire 14-mile stretch of the new freeway between Happy Valley Parkway and I-17. We explained how it was paved, landscaped, checked for smoothness and even what's in store for its future.