Make sure it's the real deal when conducting online MVD transactions

Make sure it's the real deal when conducting online MVD transactions

September 25, 2017

By Doug Nick / ADOT Communications

As the old song goes: “We got trouble, right here in River City. Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with D as in DMV!”

OK, so before we get too carried away with Broadway musicals, let’s um… set the stage.

There is no DMV in Arizona. Instead, we have the Motor Vehicle Division, or MVD for short.

So when you need our services and look for us online, you might be tempted to do a web search for “Arizona DMV”. That may get you in some trouble.

With a capital T.

That’s because a soulless computer will not kindly correct your “DMV” web search to account for that tiny but important distinction between DMV and MVD. So you may find yourself sent to a web service that is NOT affiliated with Arizona’s MVD.

You might well say, “So what?” to such rigid semantics.

But it really does make a difference because some of those “DMV” websites are out to make a buck and will charge you for services that might otherwise be free. Or, if you’re really under a bad cloud, there are some other sites that are outright scams and put you at risk for ID theft or some other nonsense that nobody wants to think about.

So what’s the solution?

Glad you asked. is the only authorized web provider for the Arizona MVD. It’s secure, works great day and night, and more than half of the things you need to do at MVD can be done on with more on the way.

Now, we’d like to find a song that celebrates the letter S for, but we came up with Nada, which by the way starts with N, so that’s out.

But there are no letters in ServiceArizona that rhyme with T, which stands for Trouble and that confirms the fact that using should give you no trouble at all.

In River City, or anywhere else.