MVD works to keep you out of lines -- even somebody else's

MVD works to keep you out of lines -- even somebody else's

September 30, 2016


By Doug Nick / ADOT Communications

Nobody likes standing in line. That's why ADOT's Motor Vehicle Division works very hard to get you out of line and safely on the road.

That means we’re even interested in keeping you out of somebody else’s line – in this case, the Social Security Administration's.

We’re not being critical of those folks; we’re just saying there is a new way that you can do business with them online.

Arizona is now one of only 15 states offering residents a secure online way for to connect to the Social Security Administration website at to apply for a replacement Social Security card.

We’ve partnered with the nonprofit American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators to offer the Driver License Data Verification service. This system verifies things such as name, address, birth date, license expiration date, etc., then confirms their validity.

The secure data-verification process also streamlines the current process used by banks, retailers and government agencies for verifying a person’s identity. When someone applies for a bank loan or makes a major purchase, this electronic system eliminates paperwork that may takes days to process by moving that secure process online.

Online. Sounds a lot better than in line. That’s because it is.

Just another way MVD is ahead of the curve.

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