Rejoice! The Vehicle Fee Recap is ready

Rejoice! The Vehicle Fee Recap is ready

February 7, 2018

Vehicle Fee Recap

By Doug Nick / ADOT Communications

It’s late winter (or what passes for winter in Arizona), and that means it’s Vehicle Fee Recap Time!

Yes, it’s the second-most-wonderful time of the year!

Why, who hasn’t spent hours with the family looking over photos from Vehicle Fee Recap celebrations past? And the sales! Every store in town is having a Vehicle Fee Recap sale this time of year.

Certainly there are those doubters who pooh-pooh the idea of the Vehicle Fee Recap. It’s probably because they have no idea what it is.

Of course, we know every hipster understands what we’re talking about, but in the unlikely event you don’t know what the Vehicle Fee Recap is, here’s the skinny:

Every year, ADOT’s Motor Vehicle Division helpfully calculates the fees and taxes people paid for their vehicles in the past calendar year. And then the magical day comes – as it has now – when the website makes those figures available to our customers. And there is much rejoicing among the people!


ServiceArizona Website

That’s because with this extremely useful (and did we mention free?) service, you no longer have to trudge out to the garage to gather vehicle registrations, copy them and total up all your taxes and fees to report them on your tax forms.

So why did we give it an unwieldy and completely non-descriptive name (which, like a certain Harry Potter villain, shall not be spoken of again)? Well, the answer is really very simple. So simple, a small child could explain it.

We have no idea.

Therefore, we have changed the name, and it actually makes sense!

So now when you go to, all you need to look for is the button on the home page that says “VEHICLE LICENSE TAX PAID IN 2017”.

“Vehicle License Tax Paid in 2017.” That makes sense. And the best thing is, it takes just a minute or two get this information for your tax forms.

The MVD Vehicle License Tax Paid service. Another great way to get you out of line and safely on the road.

And there was much rejoicing.