With snow still a possibility, let's meet ADOT's new TowPlow

With snow still a possibility, let's meet ADOT's new TowPlow

March 4, 2016

By Kim Katchur / ADOT Communications

Hard as it may be to believe given the record temperatures we've had recently, this is still a season for snow in Arizona. Because of that, ADOT has snowplow drivers at the ready, including drivers of our new TowPlow.

Back in February, TowPlow inventor Bob Lannert came to the North-Central District to train our drivers. And as you’ll see in the video above, Mother Nature provided the drivers – and our video crew – a significant snowstorm that same weekend, making the experience even more valuable.

As we shared last month, the TowPlow is a steerable trailer with a 26-foot blade that’s attached to the back of a regular snowplow truck. The combination, able to plow a 24-foot-wide path, lets ADOT clear more lanes in less time using less fuel.

The TowPlow joins ADOT’s fleet of 200 traditional snowplows and is assigned to 20 miles of I-40 between Williams and Bellemont west of Flagstaff.

TowPlow drivers, as with those operating any ADOT snowplow, need cooperation from other motorists. That includes staying at least four car lengths behind snowplows, slowing down and being patient.

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