Temporary ID cards add to web-based MVD transactions

Temporary ID cards add to web-based MVD transactions

May 22, 2019

By Doug Nick / ADOT Communications

Having a driver license suspended is a serious matter, to say the least, and the repercussions can go further than restricting someone’s privilege to drive.

Since many people rely on their license as a state-issued ID, having it suspended often means needing a temporary replacement. Fortunately, the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division has made it less complicated to order a temporary ID card by introducing an online ordering option through

We know that people often need a valid ID in order to buy items at the store, go to the bank, and apply for a job among other things When customers are faced with a suspended license, it makes having a temporary ID card vital.

By adding this to our growing menu of online services, we’ve eliminated one more reason to be compelled to visit an MVD office. That speeds the process for all of our customers because it reduces traffic at MVD offices so we can better serve everyone who needs to come to one of our locations.

To get a temporary ID card, a customer must first have a suspended Arizona driver license. The expiration date on the suspended license must be beyond the six months the temporary ID is valid. Also, the customer must already have an Arizona license photo that has been taken within the past 12 years on file with MVD in order for the temporary ID to be produced.

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