Transportation Planning, part II

Transportation Planning, part II

April 19, 2011

Last week we gave a brief overview of how ADOT plans for future transportation needs through a three-phased approach. We covered the Visioning phase (if money was no object, how would we plan for Arizona ’s transportation future) and the Planning phase (given that resources are limited, how should we prioritize the needs identified in the Vision).

Which takes us to phase three: Programming.

The Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program determines which projects will be funded over the next five years. Basically, it serves as a blueprint for future projects statewide and designates how regional, state and federal funding is allocated.

Because budgets are uncertain, the Five-Year Program is updated every year. The first two years are always fiscally constrained, meaning we already know what projects will be funded. But the three remaining years are built on budget estimates and can be re-prioritized, which is where you come in.

We’ve recently put the current Tentative Five-Year Program, which runs from 2012 to 2016 and includes $5.6 billion for highway construction, up for public review and would love to get your input.

The Director’s video blog (above) gives a little more explanation and the program Web page includes a guide on how to read the actual document.

So, please take some time to review the program and send us your thoughts on which projects you think should move forward first.

Public hearings will also be conducted in Southern Arizona, Metro Phoenix and Flagstaff through May 20th (check Facebook or the program website for dates and locations).

The State Transportation Board will consider all public comments before adopting the final Five-Year Program in June.