Transportation Planning: From Vision to Program

Transportation Planning: From Vision to Program

April 13, 2011

Ever try to figure out how ADOT decided to put a freeway where it did? Or why some roads have wider shoulders than others?

Well, none of it happened by accident. ADOT, like most transportation agencies, takes a three-phased approach to transportation decision making: Vision, Planning and Programming.

In Phase One – the Transportation Vision – basically, the sky’s the limit. If money was no object, what would Arizona ’s transportation future look like? No fiscal restraint means everything is on the table.

In 2008 and 2009, ADOT worked with people and organizations throughout the state to develop the transportation vision by reviewing the needs for the next 40 years.  This vision is called “Building a Quality Arizona” and was established with no fiscal constraints. The transportation vision for the state sets the comprehensive foundation for other plans that are fiscally constrained.

The Long-Range Transportation Plan – or Phase Two – must take revenues and funding into account.

This plan looks 20-25 years into the future and identifies the state’s transportation needs while estimating what resources will be available to meet those needs. This is the plan that sets the overall strategic priorities that will guide ADOT’s investments into the future.

According to Arizona law, the Long-Range Transportation Plan must be updated every five years. The next adoption is coming up soon and there’s still time to give us your input. Take a look at the video above to find out about the process.

While the Long-Range Transportation Plan sets priorities, the actual projects are decided in the Five-Year Program (Phase Three). We’ll get more into that process next week. Stay tuned!