Why we build roundabouts

Why we build roundabouts

September 15, 2015

By now, most of you have probably encountered a roundabout.

They’re being built more and more frequently because of the benefits they provide, which are highlighted in the video above. Hopefully we’re not spoiling the ending by telling you that roundabouts offer engineers an efficient and safer option for building intersections…

“The traffic specialists throughout the country and engineers are looking for a better mousetrap in terms of intersections,” says ADOT Senior Deputy State Engineer Steve Boschen above. “Modern roundabouts are really one of the great tools we have to reduce serious injuries and fatalities at intersections.”

After you view today’s video on why we build them, you can check out some additional roundabout resources, including this video on how drivers can safely maneuver a modern roundabout. We also hope you’ll visit our roundabouts page for even more information and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

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