Key ADOT Departments and Contacts - Guide to Getting your Questions Answered

ADOT is a very large organization with contracting, procurement, contract management and payment functions distributed across different departments. ADOT is managed by Director John Halikowski who was appointed by the Governor. Director Halikowski works alongside a strong executive team. ADOT has headquarters in Phoenix and staff in seven districts and various field offices throughout the state. The complexity of the organization can initially seem daunting when trying to understand how to find, bid on, win and perform work with ADOT and who to talk to if you need help.

This page will attempt to clarify how ADOT is organized and identify some useful contacts. In addition, it explains how ADOT funds local public agency contracts (contracts using ADOT-related funds for local cities, counties and other local governments). Because ADOT initially receives federal or state funds and then distributes that money to local agencies, we refer to those local agencies as “subrecipients” or Local Public Agencies.

This section is organized into several areas:



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