Architectural and Engineering Design Services

This tab provides an overview and contact information for groups and agencies involved in architectural and engineering design services projects.

Engineering Consultants Section

The Engineering Consultants Section (ECS) oversees architectural and engineering design contracts. They oversee all stages of the contract, including, advertisement, selection, cost negotiations, contract management, approving payments and contract closeout. While ECS always oversees the contract, different staff within ECS may be in charge of the contract at different stages.

ECS can be reached by phone at 602.712.7525.

For more information contact Engineering Consultants.

It’s important to know that, once a contract has been advertised, any questions about that project must be submitted in writing to the contract specialist assigned to that contract. For questions about specific advertised projects, you can generally find the necessary contact information within the advertisement itself.

Each design contract is assigned to a Contract Specialist.  When you contact ECS to ask questions about a contract before it is advertised or after it has been awarded and is active, be sure to mention the contract number and you will be connected to the Contract Specialist in charge of your contract.

Audit and Analysis

The Audit and Analysis section has three teams: revenue audits, external audits, and internal audits. The revenue team and internal team are generally involved in non-construction related work. Any interaction with the Audit and Analysis department will likely be with the external audits team.

The external audits team performs pre-award audits of engineering and design firms, incurred cost audits of engineering and design firms, cost audits of utility and railroad projects done for transportation-related reasons and charged to ADOT, and indirect cost allocation plans of local metropolitan planning agencies.

If you have a general question about Audit and Analysis and the services they provide, please call the program project specialist at 602.712.7734.

For more information contact Audit and Analysis.

Project Management Group

The Project Management Group is comprised of Project Managers that provide project development, management services and support information for design and construction projects across the state.  Project Managers often manage design contracts and related services for projects up to the time they are advertised as a construction project.  Once the construction contract is awarded, the projects are assigned to a Resident Engineer in one of seven ADOT Districts.

Firms are encouraged to contact Project Managers to ask questions about upcoming projects before they are advertised, or to work closely with them if your firm is the Prime Consultant on an ADOT architectural or design project/contract.

For more information contact Project Management Group.

Traffic Group

The Traffic Group is responsible for traffic engineering statewide. Among other things, they administer consultant contracts for traffic related engineering tasks.

Their phone number is 602.712.7766.

For more information and further description of the traffic group’s role, contact Traffic Engineering and Construction.

Roadway Engineering

Roadway Engineering is responsible for roadway and drainage design and development. They also set roadway standards, policies and procedures.

Their phone number is 602.712.7360, and they can be reached by email at [email protected]

For more information contact Roadway Engineering

Environmental Planning

The Environmental Planning Group provides services related to environmental clearances, water resources, air quality and other technical assistance and education to ADOT staff and external customers. They also manage on-call contracts to provide environmental services on a variety of ADOT contracts.

Firms are encouraged to contact Project Managers to ask questions about upcoming projects before they are advertised, or to work closely with them if your firm is the Prime Consultant on an ADOT project. 

The environmental planning central office can be reach by phone at 602.712.7767.

For more information contact Environmental Planning.

Utility and Railroad Engineering

The Utility and Railroad Engineering Group provides statewide utility clearances, administrates the federal railroad/highway crossing improvement program, and works with utility coordinators and railroad companies when ADOT or federal-aid projects involve utilities or railroads.

Their phone number is 602.712.8161.

For more information contact Utility and Roadway Engineering.

Engineering Survey

The Engineering Survey Group provides aerial photography, engineering surveys and topographic maps to assist designers in the selection and design of ADOT projects.

For more information contact Engineering Survey.

Right of Way

The Right of Way Group’s main mission is to acquire and clear property rights necessary for transportation projects and purposes. Any real estate needed for the department is acquired by the Right of Way Group.

Their phone number is 602.712.7316.

For more information contact Right of Way / Properties.


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