Construction and Materials (Key ADOT Departments and Contacts)

This tab provides an overview and contact information for various groups and agencies involved in contracting and the construction process.

Contracts and Specifications

ADOT construction contracts are developed by the Contracts and Specifications Section. The Contracts and Specification Section oversees the development, bidding, and awarding of construction contracts before handing them off to Resident Engineers to be carried out.

Contact Contracts and Specifications prior to contract advertisement to find out details about upcoming advertisements because once a contract has been advertised, any questions about that project must be submitted in writing to the contract specialist assigned to that contract. For questions about specific advertised projects, you can generally find the necessary contact information within the advertisement.

You can contact the Contracts and Specifications office at 602.712.7221.

For more information, visit the Contracts and Specifications section of the ADOT website.

Field Reports

The Field Reports office handles all subcontracting, labor compliance, and payroll requirements. They process monthly pay estimates, quantity documentation and other project reports, as well as approving all subcontractors. Field Reports personnel can answer questions about contract documentation, contractor and subcontractor payments, record-keeping and other construction contract requirements.

For concerns about payroll compliance, you can find contact information for the Field Reports office in the Construction and Materials section of the ADOT website.

District Offices

ADOT construction and engineering offices in Arizona are separated into seven different geographical districts: Central, Northcentral, Northeast, Northwest, Southcentral, Southeast and Southwest. A map of the districts can be found on the ADOT website. 

Each district is run by the District Engineer, who oversees development, construction, maintenance, permitting, and other construction-related related to highways within that geographic area. Assisting each District Engineer are a number of professionals with different areas of expertise. Many districts also maintain additional satellite construction field offices with Resident Engineers and construction staff and supervisors so they may work closer to construction projects that they manage. Complete contact information for each district can be found on their respective webpages.


Central Maintenance provides the advocacy, oversight, accountability, training, direction, resources and tools for engineering districts and regions to properly operate and maintain the state highway system.

For contact information, see their contacts page.

ADOT Construction and Materials Group

The ADOT Construction Group monitors and implements statewide construction policies and procedures to help Construction Districts manage their construction projects. This includes providing construction administrative services to supplement the workforce with temporary technicians contracts; construction administrative services and material testing assistance; conducting independent review of workmanship, materials and documentation; providing training for construction and lab technicians; maintaining instructional guides for construction methods and procedures; providing the services of a registered landscape architect; and processing monthly pay estimates, quantity documentation and subcontractor approvals.

For contact information, see their contact page.

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