Goods and Services

This tab provides an overview and contact information for several groups related to goods and services projects.

Procurement Group

ADOT’s Procurement Group can be reached by calling (602) 712.7211 or by visiting their contacts page.

State of Arizona Procurement Department

The State Procurement Office (SPO) is responsible for the authorization, oversight and management of the contracting and purchasing activities for the State. SPO maintains, and is in charge of obtaining many of the common products and services required by state agencies. SPO also establishes a list of architects, engineers, and other related professional services providers for customers to utilize when seeking design and construction work under a certain cost threshold.

The SPO can be reached by phone at 602.542.5511.

For contact information, see the SPO directory.

Visit the SPO website for more information.

Planning and Programming

Planning is a collaborative effort between ADOT and local government organizations across the state. The Multimodal Planning Division is the ADOT section involved in transportation planning. They work with the various Councils of Government (COG) and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) to prepare long-range transportation plans, commission various studies, and oversee a variety of grants and assistance programs.

You can learn about current transportation programming and possible future programming by visiting the Transportation Programming section of the ADOT website. 

Information about current studies can also be found on ADOT’s planning website. 

Information about various grants and transit programs administered by the MPD can be found on ADOT’s planning website. 

For contact information, visit their contacts page.

Aeronautics Group

The Aeronautics Group is responsible for developing and providing information to assist airports with planning projects. They are also responsible for providing guidance for certain aviation projects.

For contact information, visit their contacts page


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