Environmental Justice - Program Activities

Environmental Justice - Program Activities

ADOT makes every attempt to consider the needs of low-income and minority groups throughout the transportation process, to meet the Environmental Justice principles outlined by USDOT. Our Planning and Programming team considers equity as part of the programming process (see the Transportation Programming page for more information on the Planning and Programming processes). ADOT’s Environmental Planning division applies an Environmental Justice Analysis to ADOT projects through the NEPA process. Our Communications team has also outlined outreach tools and considerations for engaging low-income and minority populations in ADOT’s Public Involvement Plan. 

ADOT’s Civil Rights Office assists all other divisions and units to meet Environmental Justice requirements through Training, Document Review, Onsite Compliance Reviews, Data Collection and Analysis, and Collaborative Process Development.


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Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns related to ADOT’s Environmental Justice policies or practices. 

ADOT Civil Rights Office
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Danielle Valentine
Civil Rights Compliance Manager
Title VI Coordinator

Joanna Lucero
Civil Rights Program Manager
Title VI and Environmental Justice