Guidance - Air Quality


The Air Quality Guidebook describes ADOT processes used for air quality, transportation conformity and CMAQ projects. The “Guidebook” is updated as new information becomes available or when new emissions models or regulations are implemented. Any additional updates or supplements to this guide are provided below.

Project-Level Conformity Determinations

Project-Level conformity determinations for Environmental Assessments (EA) or Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) will be posted to Projects and/or be available under Approved Environmental Documents.  Project-Level conformity determinations for Categorical Exclusion (CE) classified projects will be provided below for projects approve after January 3, 2018.

Any non-Exempt Federal Projects in PM10, PM2.5 or CO maintenance and/or nonattainment areas are required to complete the following documents, as applicable,  and submit to ADOT Air Quality Staff for further action and Interagency Consultation as described in the Air Quality Flowchart.