Film Permits

Film Permits


Arizona offers beautiful scenery, no-cost ADOT film permits, and savings and incentives for your productions*. Here are some important things to know before you begin the application process for an ADOT film permit:

  • An ADOT film permit is required to film on/along ADOT highways/roadways, including the right of way or any ADOT property
  • Applications, proof of required insurance, and traffic control plans (TCP) are due to ADOT at least 10 business days prior to your desired film date
  • ADOT cannot guarantee you will receive a permit due to potential safety concerns and ongoing projects
  • No film permits will be issued for dates within the Blackout Schedule (see below)

*To register your project and learn how the Arizona Office of Film & Digital Media can assist with your production needs, visit:  AZ Film & Digital Media

The Application

The following are required when requesting a film permit:

The following are required if the filming may affect the normal flow of traffic:

The Application Process

  • Email your application and insurance documentation to Susan Austin. You will receive confirmation and notification of any missing information or discrepancies.
  • Your application and insurance documentation will be sent to Risk Mgmt. for review and recommendation. If denied, you will be notified what is required for approval. Once received, the documents required for approval will be sent to the Risk Mgmt., for review and recommendation.
  • Your application and if required, TCP will be sent to the appropriate ADOT District Office for review and recommendation. If the District Office has changes or special instructions, they will require either a revised TCP or specific language be included on permit. If TCP revision is required, it will be resubmitted for review and recommendation once received.
  • Permit will be issued upon receiving approval from Risk Mgmt. and the District Office.

Other Things to Know

  • Permission from the city/town, county, tribal authority, etc. where the filming location is may also be required. Coordination of permission prior to filming is the applicant’s responsibility.
  • Permit modifications are allowed only if approved by ADOT.
  • You must have your official permit at the permitted location(s) during your filming.

ADOT 2024 Holiday Blackout Schedule

Date/Holiday Start Day End Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day



Presidents’ Day



Memorial Day



Independence Day



Labor Day



Columbus Day



Veteran’s Day



Thanksgiving Day



Christmas Day/New Year’s Day



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I film with an ADOT film permit?

You may film only at the location(s) on the date(s) and time(s) your approved permit indicates. You may apply to film on ADOT highways or property.

Why is insurance required?

Insurance is required to ensure all individuals, property, and infrastructure is covered if there were an accident or other incident as a result of the filming activity.

What is a traffic control plan?

A traffic control plan specifies what traffic control devices and traffic safety measures are needed to protect the traveling public and those involved in filming.

How do I obtain a traffic control plan?

You may conduct a web search for ‘traffic control company’ and contract with one of your choosing. We recommend a local certified company that can or already has provided ADOT the required proof of insurance (see Insurance link on Film Permits webpage).

Who is responsible for traffic control signs, safety devices, and flaggers during filming?

In most cases, the traffic control company will provide this service for you. The applicant is responsible for all costs related to these services.

Can I use a drone for my filming?

We allow drone usage. You may include drone use on your application for consideration. Drone operators are required to provide proof of insurance and complete and sign a Traffic Control Provider Form.

Do I need a permit to film cars from the side of the highway?

Yes, filming on ADOT highways, right of way, and property require a permit. You may apply for this type of filming.

Do you grant exceptions to the Blackout Schedule?

No. To ensure the safety of the traveling public during increased holiday traffic, filming and other special events are not permitted.

How long does it take to get an ADOT film permit?

The application and required documentation must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the film date. You will receive a determination and/or permit prior to the filming date.

How long is my permit good for?

ADOT film permits are valid only for the dates, times, location(s), and type of filming that is indicated on the permit.

If my filming gets delayed, can I use the permit for another date and time?

No you may not. ADOT film permits are valid only for the dates, times, location(s), and type of filming that is indicated on the permit.

I am a student. Do I need insurance?

Yes, the same insurance requirements apply for all film permits.

I would like to film on the highway. Do I need the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to assist and do they charge?

You may. DPS requirement is determined by the District Office and depends on the type or extent of traffic control and how traffic may be affected during filming. DPS does charge for their services and the applicant is responsible for all costs related to these services.

How much does a permit cost?

There is no cost for a film permit from ADOT.

Questions concerning film permits may be directed to Susan Austin by email or at 602.712.4142.