Film Permits

Film Permits

To perform any filming activity on an ADOT roadway, including the right of way or any ADOT property, a film permit is required. Permission from the local jurisdiction where the filming is to take place (county, city, tribal authority, etc.) is also required, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the permissions are acquired prior to filming.

The Statewide Permits Services office works with the local ADOT district permit office to issue the ADOT film permit. Any questions concerning the requirements for these activities can be answered by contacting  Susan Austin by email or at 602.712.4142.

The following minimum information is required when requesting a film permit:


Please provide your application and certificate of insurance at least 10 days prior to filming. In some instances, multiple ADOT sections must review the request to ensure the proper requirements are met by the applicant.

If you plan to impede traffic in anyway, a Traffic Control Plan is also required. Please note that if traffic is to be impeded in a high-traffic area or in a remote area where there are limited alternate routes, additional advance signage may be required at the applicant's expense. Please request your permit well in advance to allow all situations to be addressed.