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The Arizona Department of Transportation Statewide Permits Services issues and provides regulatory enforcement and administrative guidance on highway related permits. For more information, select the tab that best represents your area of interest.

Class C Permits

A Class “C” load is a vehicle/load that exceeds 14 feet wide, 16 feet high, 120 feet in length or 250,000 lbs. Class C permits personnel review, verify, and process permit requests for various types of exceptionally large over dimensional loads through Arizona. Class C permits must ensure the route the load will travel meets specified requirements to maintain the safety of the motoring public, maintain the integrity of the infrastructure, and ensure the load driver and the commodity being delivered reach their destination safely. 

Encroachment Permits

Permits are required for work within the state right of way such as highways, driveways, grading, fence removal or replacement, surveying and geotechnical investigation. Administrative guidance for activities or construction of improvements within our right of way, such as parades, driveways, pipelines, power line crossings, cattle guards, special events, and many other authorized uses. Encroachment permits are issued through the appropriate district offices throughout the state. 

Outdoor Advertising Permits

Arizona’s Highway Beautification Program requires oversight of outdoor advertising signs (billboards) placed along state highways and some other roads. This program is in addition to programs and ordinances of local governments to control and oversee placement of signs within their jurisdiction. 

For public records requests for Outdoor Advertising, Encroachment, or Class C permits; visit Records Center and follow the instructions on submitting your completed request form.

Film Permits

To perform any filming activity on an ADOT roadway, including the right of way or any ADOT property, a film permit is required. Permission from the local jurisdiction where the filming is to take place (county, city, tribal authority, etc.) is also required, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the permissions are acquired prior to filming.

Special Events Permits

There are many types of special events, including parades and processions, races and tours, rest-area coffee breaks, and placement of banners and decorations.

To use state-highway right of way for a special event, you must make arrangements to accommodate the traveling public, and you must obtain insurance to protect the state from the additional liability imposed by using the highway for the event.

Adopt a Highway

The Adopt a Highway Program provides an opportunity for community members and businesses to help keep our highways litter free. We invite you to be a part of positive change by joining a program that works for your lifestyle and helps keep Arizona grand.