"Envelope Permit" has the same meaning as prescribed under ARS 28-1141 and encompasses the outermost dimensions of the vehicle or vehicle load combination without exceeding the maximum permitted weight computations for overweight axle group weight distribution as provided under R17-6-411  The department may also issue a Class C Tridem Envelope Permit if qualified and not to exceed dimensions per R17-6-212.



  • Oversize 30-day: $150
  • Oversize annual: $750
  • Oversize/overweight 30-day: $500
  • Oversize/overweight annual: $1,500
  • Oversize/overweight annual Tridem: $1,500
  • Modifications: $25 or $50

Permits can be purchased by one of these methods:

For more information, please see our Permits FAQ.