Interstate 40 from Bellemont to Winona

The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration are conducting engineering and environmental studies to develop a long-range plan for the improvement of the I-40 corridor west of the Bellemont traffic interchange (TI) to east of the Winona TI. This section of the I-40 corridor runs through the city limits of Flagstaff. A series of improvements will be developed to provide for greater capacity and to ensure smooth operations for the traffic volumes that are projected to occur over the next 30 years. The design concept report will consider roadway, bridge and drainage improvements. Environmental issues will also be assessed. When the reports are complete, potential projects will be identified and priorities established for future inclusion in ADOT's construction program when funding is available.



Summer 2009 Through Winter 2009

  • Develop and evaluate alternatives.
  • Prepare an environmental overview.

Winter 2009 Through Spring 2013

  • Hold a public information meeting to present alternatives.
  • Prepare engineering and environmental documents.

Spring 2013

  • Hold a public hearing to present recommended alternatives.

Summer 2013

  • Finalize documents and gain agency acceptance.