Completed Transportation Studies

Completed 2010 - SR 86 is a regional transportation route connecting the Tucson metropolitan area to the communities of Sells and Ajo and serves the sparsely populated areas in south-central Arizona. In recent years the Tucson urban area has started expanding to the west and SR 86 is a primary link between the expanding urbanized area and downtown Tucson. SR 86 is experiencing a steadily increasing volume of commuter traffic between the developing residential areas to the west and the employment destinations in Tucson.

Completed 2017 - ADOT was studying a 13-mile segment of State Route 89 (milepost 328 to 341) between Chino Valley and Paulden to help develop a long-range vision of safety and performance improvements to the corridor.

Completed 2018 - ADOT and partnering agencies including the Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization and Yavapai County conducted a transportation planning study along State Route 89A from State Route 89 to east of Robert Road.

Completed 2020 -  The Statewide Stormwater & Erosion Control Study was completed to identify and prioritize statewide stormwater management and erosion control needs delivered as a data model that operates within a defined project prioritization framework.  The prioritization model provides ADOT Environmental Planning a quantitative, comprehensive, replicable, and systematic approach to augment stormwater management activities and to provide a prioritized program of projects to compete in the annual P2P process and programming in the ADOT Five Year Facilities Construction Program. 

Completed 2018 - ADOT completed this study with the intent to develop a vision for safety, operational efficiency and performance improvement for this segment of the US 191 corridor. The study identifies access, mobility, safety and expansion needs and provides a prioritized list of recommended improvement projects.

Completed 2018 - ADOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) initiated a study to assess current and future corridor conditions on Main Street/Apache Trail in order to develop a long-term improvement plan that enhances safety and mobility for all modes of transportation.

Completed 2019 - ADOT conducted this study to examine the US70 corridor between Safford and the New Mexico state line for potential engineering or operational improvements to mitigate the hazards posed to drivers during interstate detour events.

Completed 2021 - ADOT completed this study to address the wildlife-vehicle-conflicts on Arizona's state highways that result in fatalities, serious injuries, property damage, and loss of wildlife. The study analyzed information on existing crash data, previously completed studies, wildlife linkage zones, habitat blocks, and industry best-management practices.