State Route 88 (Apache Trail)

State Route 88 (Apache Trail)



Due to extensive roadway damage and rock debris following severe flooding in 2019, a 5-mile, unpaved section of State Route 88 (Apache Trail) from the Fish Creek Hill Overlook/Rest Area (milepost 222) to milepost 227 near Reavis Trailhead Road remains closed for public safety reasons.
The Woodbury Fire in June 2019 consumed almost 124,000 acres of the Tonto National Forest. In September 2019 a storm dumped approximately six inches of rain onto the fire scar and the runoff severely damaged large portions of the road, with the most damage being in the area between Fish Creek Hill Overlook and milepost 227 (near Reavis Trailhead Road). The damage included a large rockslide that left that section of the road unpassable.

SR 88 Apache trail Map

While ADOT has a highway easement for SR 88, the underlying landowner is the U.S. Forest Service. ADOT, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service and Arizona Game and Fish, is currently allowing UTVs, equestrians, hikers, and bicyclists to access public lands via SR 88 at Reavis Trailhead Road.

ADOT crews have worked to restore access to key destinations along the trail, including Tortilla Flat and Canyon Lake. Motorists can also reach Apache Lake by taking SR 188 either from US 60 or SR 87 and taking SR 88 west from Roosevelt. In October 2022 ADOT reopened a 1.7-mile section of SR 88 at the Apache Vista gate (mileposts 227- 229) to provide access to Reavis Trailhead Road/Forest Road 212.

As conditions and roadway restrictions/closures change along SR 88, ADOT will continue to inform the public.

  • Apache Junction (milepost 194) to Fish Creek Hill Overlook/Rest Area (milepost 222) - Open to traffic
  • Fish Creek Hill Overlook/Rest Area (milepost 222) to milepost 227 (near Reavis Trailhead Road) - Closed to traffic; UTVs, equestrians, hikers and bicyclists allowed
  • Milepost 227 (near Reavis Trailhead Road) to Roosevelt Lake/SR 188 (milepost 242) - Open to traffic

Next Steps

ADOT is conducting a study of the 7-mile segment of SR 88 between the Fish Creek Hill overlook and Apache Lake Marina Road (milepost 222 to 229), 5 miles of which remains closed to traffic due to extensive damage.
The focus of the study is to determine the feasibility of reopening SR 88 to vehicles, identify potential improvements to and their cost and improve the resilience of this roadway to future storm events. ADOT anticipates the study will be completed late 2023.


State Route 88/Apache Trail was constructed in 1904 to provide construction access for the Roosevelt Dam, which was completed in 1911. Much of the route, particularly east of Tortilla Flat, retains its original historic character.

aerial overview of SR 88

Aerial overview of SR 88.

SR 88 Apache Trail

Damage to SR 88 caused by the Woodbury Fire.

Apach Lake Turn off project photo

Sign posted at the Apache Lake turn off.