Actual HURF SFY Revenue Distribution Flow Reports

This report is also called the HURF TANK chart (for its depiction of flows between "tanks" on the chart).  Yearly reports attached.

HURF = Highway User Revenue Fund
SFY = State Fiscal Year

Actual RARF SFY Revenue Distribution Flow Diagram Reports (aka RARF Tank Charts)

Maricopa County Transportation Excise Tax - Actual Revenue Distribution Flow, yearly reports. 
This report is also called the RARF tankchart (for its depiction of flows between "tanks" on the chart).  

RARF = Regional Area Road Fund
SFY = State Fiscal Year

ADOT - Nuclear Safety Authorized Personnel


Works with AZ511 service to provide the latest information on conditions along the state highway system.

ADOT Broadway Curve

Real-time traffic information on highway closures, restrictions and detours from ADOT's I-10 Broadway Curve Improvement Project.

ADOT Receipts and Expenditures Reports

Yearly reports are attached.

ADOT Research Center - Program Manual

Affidavit of Affixture

Arizona Department of Revenue

  • For a mobile home that is permanently affixed to real property of the owner

Aircraft Dealer Statutes

Annual Reports

Yearly reports are attached.

Arizona Driver License Manual

Arizona Mobile ID

A voluntary, secure, digitized version of your ADOT MVD-issued driver license or ID card that you can carry on your smartphone.

Arizona Statewide ITS Architecture - Project Management Plan

Arizona-Based IFTA Fuel Tax Refund Application (96-0750)

To provide IFTA carriers with a means to apply for fuel tax refunds that is compliant with applicable Arizona Revised Statutes.

533 kb / 1 pg

Assignment to State Treasurer Form

Bimonthly VLT Distribution Report to Cities, Towns and Counties Reports

Biweekly Reports attached.

VLT = Vehicle License Tax

Bridge Inventory - Introductory Information

Car Wash Services

Car Wash Services

Self Service Car Wash services are available to our customers in the Phoenix (Durango Headquarters and Capitol Mall) and Tucson Shops for cars, vans, and light trucks. We recommend that you call ahead to confirm the car wash is available.

Telephone Contacts:

Phoenix Durango Headquarters - 602.712.7044

Phoenix Capitol Mall - 602.542.3206

Tucson Shop - 520.838.2861

As an additional service, you may use your vehicle WEX/Voyager card to get your vehicle washed at fuel vendor car washes that accept the card. Please contact ADOT Equipment Services Fuel Systems

Central Arizona Governments (CAG) Reports

Yearly reports are attached.

Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO) Reports

Yearly reports are attached.