ADOT Research Center

Historical Arizona Highway Map
"Arizona's Transportation History" provides us with a look at how and why our state's highways were numbered.
Land Use and Traffic Congestion Study
ADOT’s Research Center recently published an interesting new report that takes a closer look at the relationships among land use, transportation and gridlock.
ADOT Signs in storage
You might say each ADOT road construction project is a sum of its parts … After all, you can’t build a road or a bridge without materials like aggregate, cement, and other structural materials.
Librarian Dale Steele oversees the collection at the ADOT Research  Center Library.
The ADOT Research Center Library might not carry any best-sellers, but where else are you going to find a title like, “Benefits of high volume fly ash: new concrete mixtures provide financial, environmental and performance gains”?
Bridge in Northern Arizona
Much has changed since ADOT got its start in 1927. Back then, the agency was known as the Arizona State Highway Department and roads certainly were built a little differently. Methods, materials and technology have changed so much since then.
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