Hard to believe, but 10 years have passed since the first AMBER Alert was issued in Arizona… In that time, 70 AMBER Alerts have been issued in the state and all but one – the ongoing Jhessye Shockley case – were resolved successfully through a partnership between local radio and television broadcasters, law enforcement, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Arizona Department of Transportation and the public.
Back in July we told you all about truck-mounted attenuators and how vital they are to the safety of ADOT employees and drivers out on the road. But, there’s another type of attenuator that acts on the same principle and does just as much to protect motorists...
I-10 was closed most of the day and night last Wednesday after two tanker trucks collided near Chandler Boulevard south of downtown Phoenix. For hours, many drivers could see the resulting column of black smoke. Even more people saw footage and photos of the collision’s aftermath on the news and online.
Sometimes the simplest concepts work the best. Take for example the truck-mounted attenuator. Maybe you aren’t too familiar with them, but chances are you’ve seen one when driving on the freeway.