Art of Transportation

Lattice work of rebar forms the deck of the new Ina Road Bridge.
Rows of rebar mimic the angle of the a crane on the Ina and I-10 interchange project.
A nearly full moon is visible in the blue sky between the cables of a crane moving bridge girders for the South Mountain Freeway.
ADOT photographers look to the sky for this week's Art of Transportation installment.
straddle bent
A structure known as a straddle bent will be part of the South Mountain Freeway/I-10 Papago Freeway interchange. Take a look at straddle bents in use elsewhere.
A unique perspective on the crews working on the Ina Road/I-10 interchange in Marana.
An unusual perspective on construction in Tucson is featured in this week's Art of Transportation.
Close-up of nuts and bolts used to connect streetlight posts to the concrete base the light sits on.
A close-up shot in this The Art of Transportation photo gives us a different vantage point of these nuts and bolts.
Picketpost Mountain
The Art of Transportation goes old-school with a black and white photo.
ADOT Replacing a guardrail
The Art of Transportation features an ADOT employee working alongside the highway.
Close up of the rivets on Chevelon Creek Bridge
A 100-year-old bridge has a new shine to it after a major makeover.
AZ / UT State Line
The Art of Transportation showcases the unique mesas in northern Arizona.
Dirty Equipment Tires
If there's one job most can agree is dirty, road construction is usually it. Today's Art of Transportation photo highlights this.


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