Art of Transportation

Art of Transportation metal meerkats
Our photographer was seeing meerkats at the project to expand Pinnacle Peak over Interstate 17.
Rebar tunnel
The light at the end of the tunnel is the subject of today's Art of Transportation post.
Pot designs on the overpass walls near Eloy
Drivers passing by new overpass walls along I-10 at Ina Road, Eloy and Casa Grande will see more than just concrete.
Large red hook stands next to bridge
Our photography caught this moment of calm during the construction of the new State Route 87 and Interstate 10 interchange near Eloy.
Aerial view of the South Mountain Freeway overpass deck pour
This week's Art of Transportation is all about giving some scale to what goes into a major undertaking such as the South Mountain Freeway.
Preparing to pour concrete deck over rebar.
A deck pour is a lot more than simply laying steel and pouring cement. It can be beautiful too.
A crane lifting girders in the background as seen through a Bidwell
Freeway construction isn't just nuts and bolts. If you know where to look, there are some beautiful things to see. The South Mountain Freeway project is featured in this week's Art of Transportation.
SMF Dirt Hauling
Moving dirt makes for an interesting photo in today's Art of Transportation.
SMF Salt River Bridge Dirt
Construction equipment being used for the South Mountain Freeway left eye-catching patterns on the ground near bridges going up over the Salt River.
Spider web
In time for Friday the 13th and Halloween, we found a spooky creature at one of our projects near Tucson.


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