You'll see signs on our overhead boards this week reminding drivers it's illegal to leave the scene of a crash. Here's why that is so important.
Dallas Hammit, the state engineer, reminds people involved in a non-injury crash to practice quick clearance for the safety of themselves and other drivers.
Highway safety goes far beyond headlines and usually points driver behavior.
Crashes and fatalities involving drivers under the influence of drugs or medications are on the rise.
Gators in Arizona? It happens on our roads in the summer.
Our #FridayFive includes wildfire info, a new reports on crashes, and even some toilet paper.
When a driver intentionally speeds and gets injured or dies in a traffic collision, is it an accident?
What is a roadway departure crash? By definition, a roadway departure crash is a non-intersection crash that occurs after a vehicle crosses an edge line or a centerline, or otherwise leaves the traveled way.