Dust Storms

Dust Storm
You've probably heard of the a dust storm and a haboob. Did you know there are three different types of dust storms and how to tell them apart?
Roadway in a dust storm
At ADOT, our crews remind everyone of the do’s and don’ts of driving through a dust storm with our "Pull Aside, Stay Alive" education campaign. ADOT is doing more than just an education campaign.
Dust storm
The Pull Aside, Stay Alive campaign urges motorists caught in low-visibility blowing dust to pull off the roadway and turn off all vehicle lights. Today's blog explains why.
Dust Storm
Meteorologist Paul Panhans recently shared what forecasters look for when predicting blowing dust and where some of the trouble spots are located.
Tractor trailers on I-10 head towards a dust storm.
Ever wonder why drivers are advised to turn off all vehicle lights once they have pulled safely off the road during a dust storm? Today, we've got your answer.
Pull Aside, Stay Alive
Drivers are reminded to ‘Pull Aside, Stay Alive’ this monsoon season.
ADOT’s dust storm playlist
We created a dust storm playlist that reflects the musical messages of dust storm safety. #PullAsideStayAlive
Will you know what to do?
Dust and wind must make for some good poetic inspiration, because we’ve received so many outstanding Haboob Haikus!


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